Incall from my work studio in an upscale part of town. I also visit Major Hotels and exclusive Neighborhoods.

Rates range from 120 to 180 depending on the type of work you need. 1st time rate is 180 unless i have seen you before within the same month, it's 80 to 100.

My focus is on my clients but I do not like to keep my future clients waiting on me to get back to them therefore in order to provide the best quality service, I require the help of Olive my Assistant, to schedule my appointments


She will be happy to answer any questions about rates availability, schedule etc...   

If you are an established client and have my phone number you are welcome to text or call me direct anytime to schedule an appointment :) 


In some cases a 40.00 deposit will be required via paypal, amazon pay or google wallet to secure time and gas, this serves as verification.


For More Info

please send an email to Lilithbensira@gmail.com

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Note: I Do Not! Pick up the phone during a session with a client. Replies via text may take up to 24 hours, In the meantime, to schedule an appointment and /or quick response please use our email to char with Olive.

Available Monday - Friday

12 pm to 8pm

Saturday 12 - 6 pm 

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