I don’t believe in punishment, I believe in outcomes.

I don’t believe in a cruel god that is going to put me in a lake of fire for making mistakes as it’s called living and learning. I wouldn’t punish my children by hurting them or worse, threatening and force them to live a life of fear that they will be burned in hell at the end of their lives.

I don’t believe in hell, I believe in planet earth. I make the heaven and hell for myself here on earth.

I don’t believe in putting my struggles, successes or choice making on somebody called god with the excuse it’s what he wants me to do. There are too many of us I help myself.

I believe in taking accountability for my own actions as I learn from them.

I do what I want to do for myself, I do what makes me happy!

I am responsible for my own actions no body forces me to the choices I make. I believe in ME